"Sahraouiya" in Dakhla: desert sports for adventurous women

Dakhla Sahara desert


This is NOT your usual trip to the Western Sahara. Forget about sleeping in fancy riads, shopping in Medinas or riding camels during sunset...

INSTEAD, try to run a 10 km desert trail with only a flash light to lead your path, pushing yourself beyond your limits while climbing dunes under one million stars...

Dakhla Sahraouiya

That's what I experienced in Dakhla thanks Moroccan female raid organisation "Sahraouiya".

I never felt more alive in my whole life. My pain made me stronger as I overcame my weaknesses while overlooking the most breathtaking landscapes.

Yes, YOU... adventurous lady. Would you do it?

The "Sahraouiya" challenge


The Sahraouiya competition connects 70 women from all over the world.

This challenge allows women to have a unique experience that combines sport, emotions and discovery, while supporting a women’s empowerment and solidarity. ​​

The challenges were not only physically taxing but also tested our survival skills. We have to reach a certain point with only a map and a compass! I am going to be honest... I definitely don’t know how to use a compass. I wonder how people got around without Google Maps, thank God for technology!

Some of the associations that were present were Believe in Africa (BIA). BIA focuses on formulating an African response to African problems and empowering innovative youth and women to name a few. The Laurette Fugain association is named a young woman who unfortunately passed away from leukaemia and focuses on making everyone especially the youth aware about organ donation.​​

My vlogging experience: Women empowerment

vlogging in Dakhla

One of my aim during this trip was to make an interesting vlog about my experiences, so while I was racing I had my camera out and while everyone was resting I was editing.


Not sure where all that energy came from... maybe the mint tea!

The Sahraouiya was an amazing and empowering experience. I was surrounded by such strong and inspiring women. We were able to push ourselves physically and emotionally through the week to be able to finish all the challenges.

sahraouiya dakhla

It was physically exhausting, but I felt a sense of empowerment and fulfillment. I am a very sporty person and I love to challenge myself to go beyond my limits, and this really pushed me to my limits. ​

​The entire challenge was crazy and intense we went rappelling, biking, running, scavenger hunts, and kayaking through the rough waves of the Atlantic Ocean (watch me doing all this here!)

The 6th edition will be 8-15 Februry 2020! Enroll here!

Dakhla: Where the desert meets the ocean

Drone picture Dakhla

Dakhla in a word: WIND!

This makes Dakhla an amazing destination for both surfers and kite surfers!

I had the most beautiful accomodation at Dakhla Attitude , check out their blog post covering the 3rd Edition of Sahraouiya in Dakhla featuring me and my partner.

Also check out fellow travel blogger Maroc Mama for more tips on Dakhla.

Dakhla is an amazing place to visit, the peninsula is absolutely breathtaking. 10/10 Recommend trying out this event and if you can’t just go visit this beautiful city. You won’t regret it!

​I am curious to know; would you ladies like to try an event like this? Are there any other places in the world where the dessert meets the ocean? What other places do you think are underrated?

Happy travels!


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